Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Lip Scrub

Hi all! ;)

If you all are like me, you like to prep your lips for your favorite lipsticks by using lip balms, creams, and also lip scrubs. I exfoliate my skin every week and I like to exfoliate my lips also but I don’t like to use the same mixture on my lips as I do on my skin because of the flavor or scent left behind! I make my own lip scrubs and you can too – it is very easy.

I put approx. 2 tablespoons of sugar in a teacup and mix a little honey and coconut oil. I like coconut oil better than olive oil or sunflower oil on my lips because there is no bad taste left on my lips! I also love sugar on my face and lips moreover than salt because it is very gentle.

I also like to mix a little flavor oil – not to be confused with fragrance oil. Fragrance oil is used in lip balms and is safe to use on your lips. Fragrance oils are not safe to use on your lips so if you don’t have flavor oil, you can easily skip this step.

I mix all the ingredients together and gently, in circular motions, exfoliate my lips and surrounding lip area. My lips feel super smooth afterwards and prepares them for long lasting beautiful lip color!

By making your own skin treatments, you avoid the chemicals that are often found in over the counter products. It is also simple to make and most of us have the ingredients we need in our kitchen cabinets. Try for yourself and let me know how this method works for you.
Until next time…be sweet! J

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